Trump: Do You Miss Me Yet?

Jenn Pellegrino says "Donald Trump wants to know if you miss him yet, and Biden's countless crises make that answer a resounding yes."

Pellegrino runs through a list of reasons why President Joe Biden is destroying America and absolutely unloaded on him in just a short video clip. Pellegrino is on Newsmax and she's pretty awesome.

I think if Trump was never on Twitter, that he would have won the 2020 election by a massive amount. There was too many people who voted for Joe Biden just because they didn't like Trump's tweets or attitude, so I think, in my opinion, that if Trump wasn't on Twitter - he could have had an insane amount of votes.

How many Americans out there voted for Joe Biden and can honestly say we are better off right now than the last four years with Trump?

How can anyone say Joe Biden is doing better when the country seems like it's a mess right now.

I would take mean tweets and Donald Trump over Joe Biden any day of the week.

Photo: Gage Skidmore
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