Prisoners seen walking away from a jail after being broken out by the Taliban; report

Richard Engel, the Chief Foreign Correspondent of NBC News, posted this video on Twitter and said reported that it was prisoners who were walking away from a Kabul jail after the Taliban had broken them out.

He posted it earlier this morning, but after a quick Google search, there doesn't seem to be any report of a breakout from today or yesterday. There are several instances where prisoners were broken out of a Kabul jail, such as one earlier this month - and this video could be from that. It's very hard to tell where and when exactly this video is from.

This video MIGHT be from earlier this month where the Taliban broke free 700 prisoners in a different city in Afghanistan, as reported by News18:

In a prison break orchestrated by the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Sheberghan city, at least 700 inmates were released. According to sources in the Afghanistan government, all these prisoners are fighters of the Taliban and they will joining forces with the group, which seized the provincial capital today.

The Taliban on Saturday captured Sheberghan city in Jawzjan, the second Afghan provincial capital to fall to the insurgents in less than 24 hours.

So in other words, without Richard Engel confirming the authenticity of the video he posted, I am a little bit skeptical. Unless he's there and recorded it himself... but he doesn't respond to the question when someone on Twitter asked him that, and others said his video looked like another city.

Either way, what's Joe Biden doing about this?

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