CNN's Jake Tapper questions why Biden pulled troops from Afghanistan before evacuating others, then sent them BACK

CNN's Jake Tapper points out a previous quote where President Joe Biden suggested it was unlikely that Taliban would take over Afghanistan. Jake Tapper then wonders why Joe Biden's decision to pull the troops before evacuating everyone else was even a thing. Like, how does that logically make any sense whatsoever?

If the troops are there, then evacuate everyone else before leaving! Common sense, right?

Tapper suggests that the American forces were taking out before we evacuated everyone else that needed to come out. Now USA has to send forces BACK to go get those people evacuated. It's literally the dumbest logic I have ever seen. We had troops there. Why didn't we evacuate the rest of the people WHEN THEY WERE ALREADY THERE?

Now we're sending the troops back to evacuate others, which literally shows the complete lack of logic and common sense.

Joe Biden is so bad at foreign policy that even Jake Tapper is questioning the moves made by his administration.

My goodness folks, what is going on with Joe Biden and his White House? They're making us look weak and confused.

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