CNN: There are many who are asking, where’s the president? Also says no indication he plans to address nation

A panel on CNN said "There are many who are asking, 'where’s the president?" and if Joe Biden will address the nation on the situation regarding Kabul being taken over by the Taliban after American forces had left.

The answer they received was that "there are no indications that President Biden is going to address the nation" at this time, but seems like they are waiting to see what Joe Biden does.

The reporter said there is history that suggests Joe Biden should be addressing the nation on this ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

So basically, the Taliban has taken over the presidential palace over there and Joe Biden is doing what? Saying what?

Even the reporter says it's "pretty remarkable" that we haven't heard from Joe Biden yet.

The Pentagon has approved about 6,000 soldiers to be sent to Afghanistan to help evacuate people that they should have evacuated before troops were pulled out before.

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