Afghans hang on to plane in hopes to escape turmoil, but it ends in terrible tragedy

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Several Afghan men were hanging on the side of a plane when it took off. They got up in the air, but were unable to hang on and fell to their demise.

Newsweek reported:

Three young men have reportedly fallen mid-air from a plane leaving Kabul after allegedly losing grip of the exterior of the aircraft, alarming footage appears to show.

In a video uploaded by the Afghan Asvaka News agency and seemingly taken from the ground, two unidentifiable objects can be seen falling from the body of a plane as it flies overhead.

"The video shows a flight from Kabul airport where two people are thrown from a plane into the people's homes," the agency said alongside the 11-second clip which has since garnered more than one million views.

The Afghan men were hanging to the tires of a C-17 U.S. military aircraft, the publication reported.

This is literally insane. Imagine hating life so bad in Afghanistan that you think the only way out is to hang on the side of a plane and this is how it ends? On the other hand, what did they expect to happen?

Things should have never gotten this bad and the Afghan military needs to step up and protect their people.

Is this blood on Joe Biden's hands?


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