After taking Kabul, the Taliban is now taking free rides on the bumper cars

You can't make this stuff up. The Taliban stormed Kabul, took it, and is now taking free rides at the amusement park. This video shows them on the bumper cars. The video was posted by Hamid Shalizi, a reporter in Kabul who works with Reuters. Follow him here for more breaking updates.

To think that after taking over, they are just sitting around on bumper cars, makes you wonder what their real goal was in the first place.

Is this all they wanted?



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Mad Celt 1 month ago

Why the devil is an amusement park still standing in that god forsaken backwater section of hells real estate?

drewtho 1 month ago

....they are taking rides on the bumper cards and Biden is out for icecream

meesterpaul 2 months ago

I think they are angling for a position in the Harris Obama administration

Nabi 2 months ago

They're known to be fun guys.

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