'Buck Stops With Me' - Biden takes no questions, stands by his decision to withdrawal from Afghanistan

President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the situation in Afghanistan where the Taliban has taken Kabul and forced their way into the Presidential Palace, forcing the president there to flee.

Biden stands behind his decision to withdrawal the American troops from Afghanistan, despite doing it completely bass ackwards. Biden should have evacuated everyone before withdrawal the troops, but his administration is made up of morons and they pulled the troops out first, then had to send them BACK to get everyone else amid this turmoil.

That was literally the stupidest thing you could do. If your troops are already there, then get everyone else home FIRST, then withdrawal the troops and never look back.

Biden said "I stand squarely by my decision... I am the president of the United States of America and the buck stops with me."

He continued, saying "American troops should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that Afghan troops are not willing to fight by themselves... I will not repeat mistakes we have made in the past."

He's right on that part. Afghanistan military needs to step up and fight for themselves. America can't be doing it for them.

BUT, while we're over there, America should take care of business and crush some skulls before they get out for good.

If the video is not playing, then blame the White House for messing up their own live stream or saved video.

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