This is a bunch of bullsh-t: Graham Blames Biden and warns of another 9/11 if we don't take action

When the Newsmax host asks Lindsey Graham about negotiating with the Taliban, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham goes off. He blames President Joe Biden for the situation overseas. Graham says "this is a bunch of bullsh-t. I hope we kill all these guys" because if we let them gather up, then America could face another 9/11.

Graham says "Joe Biden has put America at risk... there's one person to blame above all others, that's President Biden."

Graham wants to annihilate the enemy so that Americans are safe from a potential threat. Graham blames Biden for the situation because of how the troops were starting to withdrawal while it seemed like it was a bit tense. You can't leave unless there's peace and the enemy is no longer a threat.
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