Psaki refused to answer simple question about Biden keeping troops on ground until Americans evacuated

There's a lot of people who would probably like an answer to this question, but seems like White House press secretary Jen Psaki either doesn't have an answer or simply refuses to answer the question.

She was asked if President Joe Biden is committed to keeping troops in Afghanistan, beyond the date of August 31, until all Americans and the Afghan allies are evacuated, but Psaki then gave one of her run-around gibberish answers that didn't even answer the question. It was like one of those long-winded answers where you just talk nonsense, but don't actually answer the question.

I am pretty sure those people would like some protection and if they're still in Afghanistan on August 31st, then it's clear out government isn't working hard enough to get them out.

The reporter said: “I know we all tried to ask Jake this question, but can you offer any guarantee to the Americans and Afghan allies that if they remain there past the end of the month, U.S. troops will help them evacuate past the end of the month?”

Jen Psaki replied with this nonsense: “Our focus right now is on doing the work at hand and on the task at hand... And that is day by day, getting as many American citizens, as many SIV applicants, as many members of vulnerable population who are eligible to be evacuated, to the airport and out on planes. And we’re going to do that in an expeditious fashion... That is the focus of the president of our Secretary of Defense, have our Secretary of State and everybody on our national security team. So that is where we will keep our efforts.”

Sure, Jen.

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