Biden's DOD spokesman doesn't know how many Americans stuck in Afghanistan, could be 5,000-10,000

Joe Biden's DOD spokesman, John Kirby, says his best guess is that there's 5,000 to 10,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan in need of an evacuation. Kirby says he doesn't have an exact count, but that's his best guess for the people who might be near Kabul.

Kirby said during the CNN report: “Best guess... between five and ten thousand that are near Kabul... There was a message put out by the State Department today advising those Americans about how to queue up and how to get to the airport so that now that security’s better, they don’t need to necessarily shelter in place. They can begin movement to the airport for processing.

Sounds like an absolute nightmare and lack of information on behalf of our part. How do we not know how many people are over there? This seems like information the govt should have considering it's Afghanistan and anything could happen over there.

Where's the leadership and organization?
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