Liberal woman says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has COVID-19 and she's Rooting for it to take him out

Here's what a liberal woman is saying about Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Here's a news report on his situation:

Gov. Greg Abbott tested positive Tuesday for COVID-19, according to his office.

Abbott, who is fully vaccinated, is not experiencing any symptoms and isolating at the Governor's Mansion, spokesperson Mark Miner said in a statement. He is getting the Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment. Public health officials officials have noted that while breakthrough cases like Abbott's are occurring, vaccines are still proven to be effective at reducing the severity of the virus.



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Dr. Lecter 1 week ago

Ever notice how 90% of these Leftist goons are the fuggliest ones in the room....?

Dan 3 months ago

Society's rejects and failures such as this woman are often types who abuse their elderly, children, and pets.

Vetmike 3 months ago

I hope every member of your family dies in agony after be trapped in their house when it catches on fire.

xxx 3 months ago

One question, why why why are they all fat and fugly. I hope she get the chinese flu and turns pretty,errrrr I mean dead.Or better yet get the jab and be barren.

Real Freedom Lover 3 months ago

She's a rotten piece of trash.

TruthTeller 3 months ago

So someone who is full vaccinated still is doing daily test for covid, even without symptoms.
Yea, that make perfect sense.

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