Liberals who compare Afghanistan Taliban takeover to Jan 6 Capitol riot are 'Desperate to Milk this', says Greg Kelly

Big time liberals like Stephen Colbert and Michael Moore have went off the deep end to compare the Afghanistan Taliban takeover to the January 6th U.S. Capitol riot. Greg Kelly of Newsmax had something to say and I think he called it perfectly when he said "Boy, they're desperate to milk this."

There is no comparison whatsoever to January 6 and the Afghanistan takeover or 9/11.

None whatsoever.

You literally can't compare the two. The incident at the Capitol was one big protest that got out of hand and things were back to normal after that day.

9/11 - thousands died from an attack by terrorists and New York's landscape was changed forever.

Afghanistan - the people just lost their government and land as terrorists swooped in and took it over in just days.

January 6 was a joke compared to these two major situations that took place in history. Anyone who compares January 6 to 9/11 or the Afghanistan situation, please just shut up forever and never talk again.

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