Disturbing video footage shows Afghan body stuck to the plane in mid air, flapping in the wind

DISTURBING VIDEO here. Here's video footage of the Afghan body that got stuck on the plane as the guy tried to escape the Taliban taking over his city.

POLITICO reported on the situation, saying the following:

The body of an Afghan so desperate to escape the country hours after Kabul fell to the Taliban was found in the landing gear of an American C-17 transport aircraft hours after it hastily took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The body in the aircraft’s landing gear has made it temporarily inoperable, the sources said.

The news is the latest disturbing development after chaos erupted at Kabul’s international airport over the weekend following the Taliban’s stunning takeover of Afghanistan’s capital city. Terrifying videos showing Afghans clinging to planes, including the military’s massive C-17 cargo jets, as they attempted to take off dominated news segments across the world Monday. Some videos showed Afghans falling from mid-air from a plane leaving the airport.


A Pentagon spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Washington Post first reported the news.

I guess the Afghanistan people are "ridin with Biden" in the worst way possible.

This is insanity folks.

Why aren't the Afghan military standing up for their people!!

All that work put in by the American military and it just goes to waste. These people need to start fighting back and standing up for themselves. I feel so bad for all our military who put in so much work over there to watch Kabul get taken over that quickly. What a disgrace Joe Biden's administration has brought to our military and our country.



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Franky Teardrop 1 month ago

How is this figure head propped by the DNC consortium, a moderate?
Where is a sense of vision.......Infrasturcuture (free money for party fuctionaries) a "For the People act" (for a special group of people not normal Americans),
A crude lighthanded approach to states craft......was eyballing his vacay time even after the shyte hit the fan? Guess that Boden empathy and warmth and magic did not go as far as it should. Moronic is too kind for this sinister narrow minded bureaucrat who is following the orders of his Consortium. At the expense of the American people.

asshiker44 1 month ago


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