This Ain't It!!! Guy harasses elderly woman wearing a mask, because he respects "freedom"

If you respect freedom, then NEVER act like this guy in public. This guy is a total embarrassment to our country. He's harassing an elderly woman who's sitting all by herself and she chose to wear a mask.

So what if she's wearing a mask. Maybe she's got a medical condition and she's worried about getting sick? She's elderly, not bothering anyone, and she's by herself.

What kind of person gets in her face and yells at her like that?

If you respect freedom, then respect her choice to wear something even if you don't like it and leave the old woman alone.

This is just embarrassing to all of us guys and I can't believe someone didn't knock him out - because he definitely deserves a punch in the mouth.



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Real Freedom Lover 1 month ago

This guy is a complete A-HOLE and he is nothing like the rest of us. LOSER!!!!

Mark H Baker 1 month ago

This guy is an a--hole....people have the choice ....I would have stomped a mud hole in his ass for doing that to ANY female!

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