Taliban is dancing to rap songs and having a party, this is who Afghanistan military ran from

Here's the Taliban having a dance party to one of Drake's rap songs. You know, the one with KeKe! They're having a great time and this is who the Afghan military ran from.

Look folks, hear me out. If the Afghan military is running, then just maybe they deserve to be taken over.

If the Afghan men aren't going to stay and fight for their land, women, and children - then why should anyone else?

Why was America there for the last 20 years and these guys are still running away from the bad guy?

So now we're just gonna sit back and laugh at the situation, hope everyone of OUR people get out safe, and pray that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris resign.

On a side note, you don't see any women in this party. That's kinda.... weird, right?

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