Here's Chuck Schumer rapping on stage, meanwhile our government is dysfunctional and failing

Democrat Chuck Schumer is having a fun time rapping on stage and he's very cringe to watch. Meanwhile, our government is barely functional and seems to be failing when it comes to making big decisions, especially amid this turmoil overseas where we completely flopped the evacuation of our people.

If you're a big name in government and you're not working to get things fixed over there, then what are you even doing in government. I know they can't work 24 hours a day, but don't you think the big names in politics should be lending their time to be part of the solution to help get our people out of Afghanistan? I know Chuck Schumer won't be flying planes to pick people up, but this is just bad optics right now and we have people who's lives are at risk overseas. Does anyone even care about them?
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