Student Leaks video that Exposes Teacher for Pushing Personal Politics in Classroom

Here's a teacher who put her personal beliefs and politics in the classroom, something a teacher should never do.

No students should EVER know the political beliefs of a teacher, because at that point, the classroom has been compromised with bias.

"Most of your parents are dumber than you" "You don’t have to do everything your parents say" "I hate Donald Trump"

If she's doing this today, she's probably doing it on other days too.

I don't want my kid in a class with a teacher like that. I want my kid to be a free thinker and learn the basics to get them through life with a solid foundation of education, not some wackadoo's personal beliefs.

That's my job as a parent to guide my kid in the right direction. It's the teacher's job to TEACH, and that's it.

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