Afghan women threw babies over Razor Wire to UK soldiers, fearing for their safety from Taliban

The situation in Afghanistan is getting more chaotic with reports saying Afghan women are throwing their babies over a razor barbed wire fence to UK soldiers so the babies will be safe from the Taliban.

This is how frightened and desperate the people are. This is just another example of how bad things are over there and if anyone even tries to compare this to January 6, just show them this video and the news report below, from Yahoo:

19 Aug 2021: Afghanistan: Women throw babies over fence to 'safety' fearing Taliban

Amid desperate attempts by Afghans to flee the country as the Taliban takes charge, women have reportedly been throwing their babies over barbed fences, asking troops to catch them and take them to safety. The Taliban seized Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, on Sunday, causing panic among civilians. Thousands of Afghans have been attempting to flee the country, even clinging to flights as they take off.

Details: 'Some babies got caught in the wire'

Narrating horrific scenes at the Kabul International airport, a British soldier told Sky News, "It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking the soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire." A video from the airport showed a woman crying to the troops, "Help us, the Taliban are coming."

Report: Soldiers haunted by cries of Afghans: Report

At the Kabul airport, civilians and foreign troops have been separated by a barbed wire. Soldiers at the airport told the publication that they are being haunted by the cries of Afghans, pleading for help across the wires. A British officer said he is worried about his troops as they are crying at night after seeing women throwing their children over the barbed wires.


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