CNN crew accosted by armed Taliban soldiers, tell female reporter to cover her face

This is not good folks. Clarissa Ward puts it all on the line as she faces Taliban fighters who have armed AK-47s. At one point she's even told to cover her face. She needs to get outta there...

CNN reported: "CNN's Clarissa Ward reports on the hurdles Americans and Afghans are facing trying to get to Kabul's airport as Taliban fighters attempt to block access with gunfire and violence."

Trent Baker reported:

“You can see that some of these Taliban fighters, they’re just hopped up on adrenaline or I don’t know what,” Ward said. “It’s a very dicey situation.”

She added, “When the fighters are told we have permission to report, they lower their weapons and let us pass.”

Ward told Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead,” that she and her crew have been “exposed to all sorts of insanity.”

“And you can imagine, Jake, I mean, this is us. We are a news crew. We are clearly Western. And still, we were exposed to all sorts of insanity,” Ward emphasized. “If you’re an ordinary Afghan trying to get past those Taliban guards and trying to get into the airport, I mean, I just don’t see how you’re able to do it. I don’t see how you’re able to really get in unless you have some kind of a contact or a connection or you’re able to arrange something somehow.”

“Frankly, Jake, there’s no real hope,” she added."


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