Kamala Harris cackles before telling press Evacuation is the Biggest Priority

Here is Kamala Harris approaching members of the press. She is cackling before she tells the press that evacuating people is their biggest priority. It's unclear what prompted her to cackle, but perhaps it was approaching several people at once as they demanded answers, and for some reason, she thought that was funny.

She seems to laugh at the wrong moments and is often seen cackling, a trait of hers that many Americans simply cannot stand.

What's worse? Her constant cackling or inability to do her job?



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Hoofhearted 1 week ago

FJB !!

Mary G 1 month ago

I love this website!

Mary Givens 1 month ago

It blows my mind that 2 people of such low intelligence are ruining/running our country!

Mary Givens 1 month ago

I cannot decide who is worse: Joe or the cackler. What a puzzle!

Flannigan McGaffigan 1 month ago

Democrats claims to care about women and children, put them in grave danger and now want us to rely on them for the safety of the very women and children they put in grave danger to begin with?

meesterpaul 1 month ago

our next President. . .

Jon 1 month ago

This is a woman that without government help, would be able to run a small business at a swap meet.

D3F1ANT 1 month ago

The MSM is all over Biden's Afghanistan debacle because the plan all along has been to swap him for Harris. Once she's POTUS, the continuing disaster in Afghanistan will suddenly be defended and every decision (no matter how inept, incompetent, criminal, or evil) will once again be defended at all costs by the media. The incompetent, Communist Democrats will once more be untouchable.

RCA 1 month ago

Getting people out of Afghanistan - If you do it on your own, contact Allied Global Security, give them your smart phone coordinates - pay them $20,000.00 (make sure you have credit that covers this), and they will pick you up, and put you on a plane to Uzbekistan. As for the cackling, that occurs when an egg is laid.

Ann Arbor 1 month ago

The noises she makes are a negotiation technique. Some people use smiles to put others at ease as they get manipulated. Some use abrupt uproar to put others on the defensive. She laughs to make others doubt the seriousness of their position. Her nonsense about going to Europe and the corresponding laugh is nothing more than a self serving negotiation technique to maker others doubt their position. The body language is an easy read. (Biden uses, “come on, man”)

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