Unearthed video suggests soldiers in Afghan's well-funded military were often high, many couldn't read

Looks like we wasted money over the last 20 years as Afghanistan's military folded in days. Part of this video dates back to 2009. They are suggesting that many in the Afghanistan military were basically untrainable and terrible in general as some were high on drugs, others couldn't even read.

And this is what we wasted money on and this is who folded in just days as the Taliban stormed in?

It makes sense why many of us didn't know about this, because people would have demanded our troops be pulled out and not wasting their time in Afghanistan.

What a complete disaster!

If you look at the video, these guys can barely do a jumping jack. How are people this inept? No wonder their military couldn't stand up to the Taliban. This is embarrassing for their men, if they even have any real men over there.
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