Biden laughs when told of poll showing drop in Americans who find him competent

President Joe Biden laughs when a reporter tells him there's a poll that shows his job approval is slipping and many Americans no longer find him competent enough to be president.

CBS News posted about the poll and drop in Biden's approval rating:

Mr. Biden's overall approval rating, which had been consistently net positive since he took office, has dropped eight points and now lands at an even 50-50 nationwide.

He takes a big hit among independents. They'd given him positive marks in July, but now, more than half disapprove of how he's handling both withdrawing from Afghanistan and his job overall. His overall approval is down within his own Democratic Party — it's still high, in the 80s, but off its highs in the 90s. And while he had enjoyed a bit of Republican approval through the summer, that has dropped.

Along with the drop in approval, there's been a more specific impact on qualities the public sees in Mr. Biden. He'd been positive on qualities like competence, focus, and effectiveness — now those are each at least slightly net negative.
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