Teacher Wastes Instructional Time To Inform Students He Is Non-Binary

This is a waste of instructional time and probably not on his lesson plans, which means he could be written up for not following his plans.

And he should be written up for this, because I can almost guarantee that 1) it's not on the lesson plans, and 2) his students could not care less, and 3) the parents are probably ticked off that their high school students are being subjected to this bizarre weirdo lifestyle instead of being taught whatever the class is on.

Why do these people think the classroom is their personal place to spread their nonsense?

Being a teacher is a calling and requires a certain skillset, particularly classroom management - but the students don't need to know if you're straight, gay, or whatever non-binary is. It sounds made up and the students were probably cracking jokes on this dude anyway - but still, this doesn't belong in the classroom.


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baitmando 2 months ago

What a pathetic loser. This is the type of illiterates infiltrating our schools.

Texas Patriot 3 months ago

The left is one giant MAD magazine in real time!

EHS 3 months ago

Have you noticed? The eastern, western states and IL are socialist...
The South and mid west are Amricans..still. This will be the deviding of the Union...at last States Rights will prevail.

cyan mule 3 months ago

Who the F cares

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