Tucker Exposes GOP Senator for helping Biden Reshape Federal Courts

Tucker Carlson didn't hold back when it came to exposing this GOP senator and accusing him of helping President Joe Biden reshape the federal courts. Tucker calls out Sen. Lindsey Graham in a segment that caught the eyes of many.

Here's part of Graham's transcript. The rest can be read here at Citizens Free Press:

This summer, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Myrna Perez’s confirmation. Every Republican on the panel voted no except for one. Do you know who that was? It was Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Now, why would Lindsey Graham support the confirmation of someone like Myrna Perez? Well to answer that question, it helps know that this is hardly an isolated case. We checked.

Lindsey Graham is the only Republican on the Judiciary Committee who has not voted to reject a single judge the Biden administration has proposed, no matter how crazy they are. For procedural reasons, in a Senate split 50/50, Lindsey Graham’s support matters very much.

Senate aides tell us that because of Lindsey Graham, one man, the Biden administration is able to rush its nominees through the Senate confirmation process faster than any other President in memory.

So the most radical President of our lifetimes gets the most judges confirmed, thanks to Lindsey Graham.


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