Leaked Hunter Biden Video not a good look for His Daddy

Looks like Hunter Biden is smoking something in this leaked video. Is it from his infamous laptop? The woman on the phone is rumored to be Hunter Biden's brother's widow.

While Joe Biden deals with the Afghanistan situation, we can't forget about what Hunter Biden does to Joe's reputation and how it impacts the way people view the family.

Sure, Hunter Biden is his own person, but you would think if your father was the president or in politics, that you would act more responsibly so the family reputation doesn't get tarnished.

And it sometimes seems like the media doesn't hold Hunter Biden accountable for anything, it's just hogwash. If Donald Trump Jr. did anything like Hunter Biden, they would be ripping him to shreds and throwing him to lions. But when Hunter Biden does it, the left wing media doesn't really care that much.



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FreedomCrew 1 week ago

Hunter Biden doing what he knows best!
Do you believe it now?

Dingleberry 1 week ago

Wouldn't it be hilarious if some taliban that came over with the refugees gave Hunter the Jordanian pilot treatment and sent joe ther video. I'd laugh my ass off.

Yeppers 3 weeks ago

9AM in the morning, Hunter. Time to get your butt out of bed and be productive instead of being a leach.

Mullet_Over 4 weeks ago

He ignores Hunter but loves to remind us of his dead son.

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