This is why the Left is going to Lose - Democrats Exposed in Full Force

A YouTuber explains a situation she was in where she was marching for healthcare with a group of right wingers, but when she got home, the lefties were yelling at her. She was literally marching for HEALTHCARE, something that everyone on the right and left needs. But she suggests that, despite everyone needing healthcare and she was out there putting boots on the ground to fight for it, the left was criticizing her because of WHO she marched with. So the leftists who need healthcare, were basically mad at the YouTuber for marching for it - but only because she was with right wingers. You know, these leftists keep telling everyone to be tolerant, but they are the least tolerant people on the planet. They even attack their own despite the girl doing something good. Follow her on YouTube, because she's awesome and has some funny videos. Doesn't matter what her politics are, she's still cool:



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xxx 1 month ago

When they are semi good looking they ruin it with their relentless schreeching. If you feel this bad about your white privilege then give ALL your MONEY away, fixed it for ya.

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