Biden says he 'Bears Resposibility' then immediately pivots to Trump on Afghanistan situation


President Joe Biden made the big mistake of calling on Peter Doocy who asks if he bears any responsibility for what's happening in Afghanistan, especially after two suicide bombs went off today as a result of ISIS-K.

Biden then blames former President Donald Trump for making an agreement to withdrawal provided that no Americans were attacked.

Once Biden took office, he could have done anything he wanted to change anything Trump did. In fact, they reversed several of Trump's policies like that at the border wall when they were stopping construction.

Biden blaming Trump on anything right now is just pathetic.

At least 72 people died today on Joe Biden's watch.

Even worse, Biden's officials gave the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghan allies a list of people who were going to be evacuated. The Taliban has a history of killing Afghans who help Americans, so it's basically a hit list.

Did anyone ever think it would get THIS BAD????

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