Kevin McCarthy claims Democrats are breaking the Constitution in latest move

GOP's Kevin McCarthy takes a stand against Democrats, claiming Democrats are breaking the Constitution in their latest move. The Democrats were able to convince the CDC to recommend extending the eviction moratorium. Even though there are jobs available almost everywhere you look and people should be taking those jobs, the CDC made the decision to suggest an extension on it. This is also because people might still be struggling who were out of work before, but there's time to get this fixed and ensure people aren't losing where they live. It needs to be done the right way, that's for sure, so people don't lose their homes and renters are losing money when they miss out on the rental payments. Being a landlord IS a job, and if renters don't pay, then the landlord loses their income.

As stated on The Hill: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday issued a moratorium on evictions targeting areas of the country with high levels of COVID-19 transmission, extending an eviction ban for much of the nation just days after a blanket moratorium had expired.

The CDC order applies to counties experiencing significant levels of virus spread, defined by the agency as 50 to 100 cases per 100,000 people. A congressional source said the order will likely apply to roughly 90 percent of the renter population in the U.S.

The order will expire on Oct. 3. It was issued after days of back-and-forth between the White House and congressional Democrats over who was responsible for extending the moratorium while scores of Americans faced uncertainty about potential removal from their homes."



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Dan 2 months ago

AOC herself is a grasping-greedy narcissist who grew up in an enviable zip-code and currently lives in the lap of luxury. The glaring fact is that the districts she overlords are nothing more than bombed-out shelters, whole families forced to share apartments with active crackheads, continuous and long food lines due to extreme hunger, NYCHA tenements overrun with death, doom, drugs, rats, and murder, babies slaughtered in their sandboxes by drive-by shooters, endless saga of despairing poverty, hopelessness, and defeat. Her desire to continue this "moratorium" is her masquerade to keep the citizenry impoverished and desperate. It should also be noted that democrats and supposed "health agencies" are extensions of each other and in league with the sinister minority-hating George Soros.

LeannaMay 2 months ago

So DO something, please. Talk, talk is all we hear, while all our rights are being stripped away.

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