Kamala Cackles and walks away as reporter asks if Americans are safer after Biden's botched withdrawal

Kamala Harris is cackling on video again. Not sure what reason she has to be laughing while 13 United States service members have been killed along with at least 60+ others in the suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan.

Someone is shouting a question at her, asking if Americans are safer after Joe Biden's botched withdrawal, but there's a good chance she may not have heard the question. And, if she did hear the question and ignored it, then that's just Kamala Harris not facing the truth of the situation at hand.


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D. Lee Lafon 3 months ago

She is or was doing heroic work in Vietnam. Why i
s the MSM not breathlessly reporting it?

Willie Brown 3 months ago

How you going to work on your strongest talent with that mask on?

BudSage 3 months ago

If shew heard the question there remains a reasonable doubt that she understood it.

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