Army Veteran Slams 'Incompetent' Joe Biden for behavior towards military families

Pete Hegseth is an Army veteran and co-host of 'Fox & Friends Weekend.' Hegseth is talking about President Joe Biden's withdrawal and evacuation plan to pull people out of Afghanistan, slamming it as inept and not very good. Hegseth reacts to the last flight leaving with the US troops finally exiting Afghanistan, but some are criticizing the move because of the weaponry left behind and the fact there might be some people still there that we don't know about.

Hegseth slams so many things in this video that it's hard to list them all because he just keeps going, railing on popular names like Milley, Blinken, Sullivan, etc.

Then Hegseth criticizes the voices from the "podium" meaning how people are saying to look at the numbers, such as the evacuation numbers.

Hegseth was in the military, so he knows a thing or two about leadership and he's not seeing it right now.
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