Father of Marine killed in Afghanistan declined meeting with Joe Biden, 'no desire to meet with the president'

This is the father and family of fallen American, Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum, and they talk about their meeting with President Joe Biden. However, the father rejected the meeting and talks about this in the video from Fox News.

The father explains his view and the family says they went in with the fallen soldiers wife to see if Joe Biden was being sincere or it was just a scripted nonsense meeting.

Such a sad and tragic thing to happen that should not have. Poor planning and lack of perimeter security let this happen and when people blame Joe Biden's administration on this, there's at least some merit to it because of how botched this whole situation was. The plans simply weren't that good and the soldiers deserved better.



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RLABruce 3 weeks ago

Correction: "No desire to meet with Mr. Biden." Biden wasn't elected President; he merely assumed the office he never earned.

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