Tomi Mocks Activist Athletes and Low Rated Olympics, Praises Proud USA Gold Medalist

Tomi Lahren mocked activist athletes and the low rated summer Olympics, saying she hasn't watched any of it - and judging by the ratings, neither has a lot of other people. Lahren goes on to praise one athlete in particular, a proud USA gold medalist named Tamyra Mensah-Stock. She won gold in wrestling and then explained how happy and proud she was to live in America and represent this great country. Meanwhile kneeling women's soccer lost to Canada and can't compete for gold. And that one disgraceful activist athlete who turned her back on the national anthem came in 11th place out of 12, so she didn't medal in anything either. I guess if these goobers would spend more time practicing and less time being activists, then maybe they would be better at their sport. Come on, losing to Canada in anything is always embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as watching people represent our country in the worst way - by protesting during the Olympics because they are selfish and abuse their platforms.

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