Impeach Biden, Impeach Kamala Harris: Rep. Boebert unloads, says blame starts at the top

Rep. Lauren Boebert rallied against President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling for them to be impeached and blaming their leadership on failures.
Boebert said, "the blame starts at the top with Biden and his hand-picked Vice President ... It is time for action. Impeach Biden, impeach Kamala Harris...”

Even if they were impeached, that could possibly leave us with Nancy Pelosi as the next in line. Not sure anyone wants any of these three in charge of anything, not even a freezer full of ice cream.

Joe Biden has been repeatedly slammed for giving in to the Taliban on the August 31st deadline, which the Taliban said was their "red line" and suggested not to cross it. Biden was also heavily criticized for the poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, a plan that was partially foiled by a suicide bomber who took out 13 United States service workers. Biden's administration is a complete mess, that's what many of us think right now.


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