Schumer claims ALL Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan have come out, reports suggest otherwise

Democrat Chuck Schumer falsely claimed that all Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan have already come out. However, there are several reports that conflict with his statement and suggest there are still Americans in Afghanistan who are trying to leave.

Axios reported "About 100 Americans are still in Afghanistan following the Aug. 31 full U.S. troop withdrawal from the country, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said on CNN’s "State of the Union" on Sunday."

FactCheck touched on this number as well, stating: "Also, the estimate of 100 to 200 Americans remaining does not include U.S. legal permanent residents, or green card holders, State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed in a Sept. 1 press briefing. He said he was not able to provide “a firm figure as to how many LPRs may be in Afghanistan who wish to leave.”"



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494949 2 weeks ago

Lying through his teeth. He needs to be called on it in public!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Democrats are accustomed to creating Truth by simply speaking it. The MSM helps with that...but American school children (among other Americans) who are STILL stuck in Afghanistan seem to tell a different Truth.

Leanna 2 weeks ago

If Schmuck Schmumer says it we can take it as - nonsense.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Chuck U. Schumer is another lyingturd that needs to be flushed.

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