Mayorkas claims Biden admin rebuilding system dismantled by Trump

Despite hitting some high numbers at the border, Joe Biden's DHS secretary Mayorkas claims the Biden/Harris administration is rebuilding a system that was dismantled by Trump. Mayorkas says: "The Biden-Harris administration has indeed rescinded the immoral, unethical and cruel policies, and we are rebuilding a system that has been entirely dismantled by the prior administration."



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Franky Teardrop 2 weeks ago

What is the first thing that a 'troop' of monkeys do when they break into a brand new playground? They start by disassembling and breaking down to pieces everything that is around them. Biden moves in to the WH with a cadre of far left autocrats and immediately without proper ceremony or etiquette removes 100+ mostly helpful to Americans Trump-mandates: With a bold stroke of his Chinese made dictatorial pen he eliminates: directives, decrees, orders, edicts, commissions, and important rulings. Was an iota of research ever done on the harmful effects of this grand theatrical gesture?
Being against Trump for 'optics' sake never bodes well when the truth finally arrives with bells on.

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