Greta Thunberg says Blah Blah Blah against Biden's Build Back Better

No seriously, this is really what she was saying during this short video clip where she's ranting about stuff, even calling out the Joe Biden 'build back better' slogan.



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TJimmy 2 weeks ago

Kudos to our esteemed media for providing a platform, microphone and air time Kudos to the media for allowing this autistic sock puppet to spew her scripted mantra the unwashed pseudo-literati. Liberal democrats can not control themselves, let alone anything as huge as the world climate.Shame on them for even thinking thus. Lastly, how DARE you present this drivel as a newsworthy item? Please try to stick to reality vice wild-eyed conjecture.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Does anyone even care what this attention kid says? Nothing intelligent has ever exited her lips.

Russ Kirkpatrick 2 weeks ago

Get biden the f-ck out of office. His goal is to let china take over the USA. China owns biden, he's a d-ck like his butt buddy obama. There will be no more united states of America, It'll be states of china!

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