Pompeo Pummels Biden over latest statement, says Joe thinks we are 'Rubes'

Mike Pompeo wrote: "Potus looked you in the eye. He said spending $5.5T will cost you nothing. He believes you are fools, rubes and worse. We are not. This will cost more than our children’s money. It will cost us our families and our way of life. They must be stopped." I don't know how this all works, but it seems like taxes might have to be created or raised to cover the cost of this. If not, then how is the government going to fund it? These are things we need to know!



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joe 2 weeks ago

I know who the rube is and it isn't us

Fred Petters 2 weeks ago

Biden and his buddy's need to be kicked out of office!!! And be jailed for their actions

Dan McGuire 2 weeks ago

He does not think we are all falling for it; he knows there is no one who will hold him accountable so he can say whatever he wants.

Carl dene 2 weeks ago

Isn't he well past the expected male lifespan in the US, well? we're waiting?!?!

rkoz 2 weeks ago

Just like when i pay for a steak with my card. Did not hand any green backs over. hahahahaha

xsnake 2 weeks ago

"Rubes" and fraud got him elected.
What's that say about the party that allowed him to get away with it?

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