Store Owner in Star Wars shirt confronted by Biological Man in a Skirt - doesn't go well

A store owner wearing a "SITH HAPPENS" shirt is confronted by a biological man in a skirt. The skirted guy identifies as a woman, but is not a biological woman. The store owner says the skirted person makes him uncomfortable and asks what's wrong with them, calls them nuts, and they get into a heated argument. You'll just have to listen to how far they went into this one, because it got HEATED!!



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Citizen 2 months ago

To agree with the biological male in the skirt, one must first hop aboard the train to the Land of Make Believe.

RW 2 months ago

If I were still working with mental patients, I'd be writing up the man in a skirt on an antecedent behavior chart and submitting it to the staff psychologist for review.

Mike Manley 2 months ago

I love this guy - Finally someone with brass balls who stands up to this freak!!! We need more true men like him!!!

baitmando 2 months ago

The sicko is a man. Period.

Pecker Wood 2 months ago

Good for the store owner - need a LOT more people like him!

Dano S1 2 months ago

I don't have the storeowner's level of patience. Probably why I don't deal with the public.

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