Joe Biden compares Jan 6 to Civil War, where an estimated 750,000 people died

President Joe Biden makes a long reach when he compares the Civil War to January 6. His comparison is because people went into the Capitol on January 6, but they didn't during the civil war.

President Joe Biden said: "Not even during the Civil War did insurrectionists breach the Capitol of the United States of America, the citadel of our democracy. Not even then. But on January the 6th, 2021, they did."

A report on BBC shows staggering numbers of soldier deaths from the Civil War, with early projections looking at 620,000 - but later more research showed it might have been closer to 750,000.

BBC reported:

For more than a century, it has been accepted with a grain of salt that about 620,000 Americans died in the conflict, with more than half of those dying off the battlefield from disease or festering wounds.

All along, however, historians sensed that number underrepresented the death toll.

Nor had any historian undertaken the mammoth task of devising and executing a new count.

That was until December, when historian J David Hacker published a paper that used demographic methods and sophisticated statistical software to study newly digitised US census records from 1850 to 1880.

His finding: An estimated 750,000 soldiers died in the war - 21% higher than the 19th Century estimate.

"We already knew that the war was devastating," Prof Hacker says.

"In one sense, increasing that total by 20% or so doesn't change that story. On the other hand, I'm a demographic historian, and we need to do the most precise job we can at determining what the impact of the war was."


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