Woman has profanity-laced meltdown over Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty

This woman is cursing up a storm when she has a meltdown on video while parked in a car. The justice system did its job and people still aren't happy.


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Mark 6 days ago

Glad she was able to take time away from preparing for her PhD dissertation.

spunky 6 days ago

cry me a river snotflake


Shut your communist mouth c-nty snowflake.

sotxvetx50 1 week ago

I guess one should be impressed with her ability to use profanity. What a douche.
Justice was carried out by a court of law, I would bet you sided with that other douche in making light of the young man being threatened by convicted felons. You all's acting is no where as good as the B rated bloviated capital police officers who were shedding tears about their fears after an unarmed woman, veteran, patriot was shot by some armed house of rep security guard who panicked.

Bruce Davis 1 week ago

Why can none of these snowflakes makes a point without dropping three F-Bombs in every sentence?

Roscoe 1 week ago

The delusional left's days are numbered folks. Commie zombies will be tossed to the curb for good this time.

Bob 1 week ago

She needs a hotdog in her mouth.

Deplorable&Irredeemable 1 week ago

What a stupid cuhnt...

MAJ 1 week ago

Looks like the fat cow needs another booster shot to calm down.

D3F1ANT 1 week ago

The lunatics on the Left don't even know what they're complaining about! Out of the 3 facts thay have, 2 are wrong and the other is distorted! I think the pink and blue and green hair dye is rotting their brains!

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