Disturbing video shows moment SUV plowed through Christmas parade

Reports say at least 20-30 have been injured and possibly two passed away. Cops say there might have been shots fired in that area as well, per report on Byberry.com. The driver has been apprehended, but it's unclear what happened as we await official reports from the police.


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Anonymous 5 days ago

Darrell Edward Brooks Jr- that's the guy in the red SUV that ran people over at that Wisconsin Christmas parade.
He's another criminal gni99er with a rap sheet a mile long. (like George Floyd) He was angry that Rittenhouse was pronounced not guilty so he plows his SUV into a bunch of innocent white people. Gni99ers are such hypocrites.


Burnerjack 5 days ago

White America needs to be so fearsome that these attacks will no longer even be considered.

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