Biden accidentally says 350 million Americans are vaccinated, more than America's population

President Joe Biden accidentally said 350 million Americans are vaccinated, more than America's entire population. A Google check shows the United States current population is approximately as follows: "April 26, 2021, at 3:28 p.m. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Census Bureau says the population of the United States is 331,449,281."

It's OK, Joe Biden is only a few million off. That doesn't mean he's not right. Oh wait, that would mean the entire country is vaccinated, plus extras. Joe Biden is turning into a walking SNL clip at this point. His wife Jill Biden should pull him out of the White House. Kamala Harris should resign, and we should hold another election to get someone else in office who is actually capable of leading the country - because it's obvious that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the worst we have seen in ages.

How does Joe Biden give him self a second to think about this answer, and still get it wrong? And it's not just wrong, it's ridiculously wrong.
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