Suspects tried to rob man, find out the hard way that was a very bad idea

In what appears to be several suspects attempting to rob a man, the culprits found out a very hard way that the man was packing some heat. The would-be victim was able to scare them away and rip off a few shots. Such a harrowing incident is a prime example of people using the Second Amendment to protect themselves from people who simply won't follow the law or respect others.


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PATRIOT 4 days ago


H-Slays 4 days ago


watchman555 4 days ago

But, but,, but, they said a good guy with a gun never stops a bad guy with a gun. You mean they lied?

Be Safer w 2nd Amendment 4 days ago

Suspects try to rob CCW Man. They could have easily killed him -two of the three pulled guns on him. Pure self defense.

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