Boebert accuses Democrats of corruption, calls them 'Swamp Creatures' over debt ceiling conflicts

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert scolds Democrats, accusing them of corruption and referring to them as "swamp creatures" over a major difference in opinions on the debt ceiling situation.

"Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is facing pushback over a deal announced Tuesday by congressional leaders that paves the way for Democrats to sidestep a filibuster and raise the debt ceiling.

Under the agreement, the House and Senate will first pass a bill that prevents cuts to Medicare and also tees up a subsequent debt ceiling bill to pass by a simple majority in the Senate.

The legislation is expected to hit a procedural hurdle Thursday that will require 10 GOP members to help advance the debt deal. That will pave the way for a bill to increase the debt ceiling that Democrats can pass on their own.

But McConnell is sparking resistance within his own caucus both from conservatives, who raised concerns during a closed-door lunch, and GOP senators who previously helped advance a debt ceiling deal in October." (The Hill)


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