Kamala cackles, says her lack of traveling is biggest failure as Vice President

Vice President Kamala Harris is asked what she believes her biggest failure as vice president is. She cackles and says not traveling out of DC more often. She was joking, but then talks about other things in a more serious tone. Many Republicans will find this video off-putting because we're really not sure what Kamala has accomplished in the White House. Many of us don't even know what she does nor do we think she has any talents other than laughing and giving the appearance that she lacks talent and skills that it takes to lead a country. So, in my opinion, her biggest failure is the fact she's in politics at all, because she's just not good at it and there's no appeal to have her as a world leader. It's like the Democrats picked the worst two people they had available just because they were so mad that Donald Trump took out their queen Hillary Clinton.

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