Democrats suggest Joe Manchin is racist in act of revenge; The Five responds

Members of the Democratic Party just can't help themselves when it comes to calling people racist. Now some folks are suggesting that Joe Manchin might be racist, even though he's a Democrat and part of their club. They are possibly saying these things because Manchin won't support Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda, because Manchin simply does not think everything in the bill is acceptable. Manchin is apparently thinking for himself instead of going with the flow and supporting every possible thing that Democrats put forward - which is a terrible way to run the country in the first place. It's BETTER for America if politicians disagree and work together to come up with a better plan moving forward, but it doesn't seem like Democrats think that way. It's their way or the high way, and if you disagree with their majority, then they even turn their backs on you. Sad, right?

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