CNN's David Zurawik suffers meltdown on live TV, claims Trump opened gates of hell

Julio Rosas reporting back on this video: "CNN's David Zurawik: "Dangerous" with Elon Musk buying Twitter, we need to look to Europe. "You need regulation. You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country or we are headed to hell. We are there. Trump opened the gates of hell and now they’re chasing us down."

Seems like David is a giant toolbag who probably never smelled the essence of a woman, hates dogs, and probably dresses up like a clown in a basement somewhere. That's just my opinion of David, so don't get your briefs in a bunch. Why wasn't this idiot worried about discourse being controlled when Conservatives were being censored left and right for the last 5+ years? He didn't care then because he enjoyed watching people lose their voice.

Now he's worried about Elon Musk and Musk hasn't even done anything yet. In fact, he doesn't even take over until the deal is finalized and there is likely a few months before he can even do anything depending on the details of the deal.
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