Karl Rove calls 'disinfo' board czar Nina Jankowicz 'A partisan political hack'


Fox News contributor Karl Rove slams Nina Jankowicz as the new director of Disinformation Governance Board, predicts the Democrats have added to the laundry list of issues threatening midterms.

Karl Rove called disinformation chief Nina Jankowicz a "partisan political hack" Saturday on "One Nation."

KARL ROVE: This is not a would-be hire. She's been at this job for two months. We just found out about it yesterday when Secretary Mayorkas gave his testimony before Congress. And I'm asking, what the heck were they thinking? This is an important issue. The Homeland Security Department ought to be on the lookout for foreign attempts to influence American public opinion through the use of the internet — misinformation or disinformation. But instead, they appointed somebody to this job who's a hack, and a partisan political hack. This is a woman who attacked the Hunter Biden laptop story by saying it was a Trump campaign diversion, and promoted those kind[s] of attacks on the Hunter Biden laptop for months and months and months. This is a woman who promoted the Steele dossier. Talk about being taken in by disinformation — she was suckered into it. This is a woman who has said the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America marginalizes communities of color. What in the heck are they thinking putting this woman in charge of a vital committee that ought to be substantive, thoughtful and above reproach?

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