Psaki no longer circles back, keeps avoiding questions on Hunter Biden: Hannity


Fox News host Sean Hannity critiqued White House press secretary Jen Psaki's "disappointing" downturn Friday on "Hannity."

HANNITY: We turn now our attention back to White House press secretary, future NBC employee and star Jen Psaki, who no longer seems too interested in actually answering any questions. She doesn't even circle back anymore. How disappointing. Today she ducked a question about the disinformation board. She avoids questions about the border crisis. And it is a crisis. And of course, she refuses to answer questions about Joe Biden's ties to his son's shady business deals. We're also learning tonight that Hunter Biden and his business associate, they visited the Obama-Biden White House seven times after becoming head of … a company with ties to the Communist Chinese Party. Wow. But don't expect Jen Psaki to field any questions about that. In fact, many reporters now reportedly, I guess, are afraid to ask Psaki tough questions because she's a bully who, quote, "makes you look like a[n] a-hole."

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