A group of Liberals were Tricked into attending an Anti-Abortion event


So here's what happened... a group of liberals were tricked into attending an event that eventually made some anti-abortion comments. It was a pro-Harriet Tubman event that promoted Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and it was ran by Christians.

Well, as they got further into their speech about Harriet Tubman and things, that's when they came out of nowhere with their comments about being anti-abortion.

And that's the moment a group of liberals literally walked away from it!

It was quite the scene, that's for sure.

The guy's name is T. Russell Hunter and here's what he said leading up to the part where the liberals walked away:

“Harriet Tubman — and these men and women in the abolitionist movement — rejected all compromise with slavery. They demanded its total and immediate abolition. These abolitionists not only argued that slavery was evil, but they argued that gradual abolition was evil. They spent as much time arguing with moderate anti-slavery gradualists as they did arguing against slavery itself.”

“Here’s the point. Does our culture truly support Harriet Tubman?” Hunter asked the attendees. “Do we appreciate people like Harriet Tubman, or do we treat abolitionists of today in the way we treated abolitionists of the past?”

“We find ourselves in a similar situation today among a similar people,” he explained. “Chattel slavery is no longer legal; it has been abolished. The Supreme Court no longer prohibits individuals or states from helping those in bondage. However, the federal government, every state government, and the majority of the population totally, emphatically, and unquestionably protects the Supreme Court-sanctioned evil of our own age… I am talking about the evil of human abortion and the movement to abolish it.”

“Some of these folks that leave, that don’t want to hear us out — they don’t realize that they are treating us just the same way as they treated the abolitionists of an earlier age,” Hunter noted. “They were willing to celebrate abolitionists like Harriet Tubman until someone said, ‘You agree with her then, but you would not agree with her now.’”


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